What I Love About Stink – Nurturing the Positives

Sally GK made a comment in my last post that really struck me. She wrote, “The most important message I read in your writings is that your son accepts his tics. My 17-year-old daughter who has quiet tics, still cannot not allow herself to tic in front of others. I’m trying all the tricks to end tics for her more than me. My heart breaks for her because she doesn’t much like that side of herself. Stink seems fairly well-adjusted. Be thankful. That’s one less issue you have to address.”

She’s right. Sometimes I get so caught up in what I don’t like – not just with tics but lots of areas of my life – that I forget to count my blessings for who Stink is outside of a few tics.

Stink is fun to be with.

He has a best friend who emails him daily to have a play date. (Who doesn’t love chess?)

Stink is loyal.

He still has a sweet buddy from kindergarten who he hangs out with at least once every other week. Just last weekend they had a sleepover, giving Mama and Papa a lovely night out.

Stink is confident.

For Valentines Day, he bought the same girl above a stuffed animal from his allowance. He insisted we drive it to her house. I was a bit hesitant. I thought to myself, “Oh, no. Kids are changing. What if she gets embarrassed? They aren’t 7 anymore.” We showed up at her house and she opened the door, a beautiful blonde third grade girl in tow. Stink says, “Z, this is for you! For Valentines Day! Check out the puppy carrier I made for it.” (That would be an extra small Joanne’s Fabric plastic bag.)

Z hugged it to her chest and squealed, “Oh, Stink, I love it!” He responded, “Great! But I gotta go now. See you.”

She proceeded to carry it around all the next day at school, telling everyone who asked, “This is from Stink!” (Silly Mommy. What do I know?)

Stink is kind.

Whether it’s to his best dog friend who visits every Saturday night with Topanga T, her hubby, and another bulldog…

….or a five-year old kinder boy who he met at my Friday Whine and Wine with the girls.Stink loves school

…and rarely complains about his homework, especially if his friend Miss L is doing it with him. (Miss L plans on marrying Stink’s chess buddy above. We’ll see how that goes.)

Stink loves to read

….about as much as he adores his beloved Wii.

Stink is silly, creative and always making me laugh.

But perhaps what I love most is that Stink loves his sister.

He treats her so well. He thinks she is fabulous. After sharing a room with him all these years and being his organized, patient, ying to his wack a doo yang, I can’t blame him. I pretty much adore her, too.

With this list of positives, I’m going to make my super stars clean their rooms. We have a pretty old house without a ton of shelf space. I’ve been hesitant to drop tons of cash on shelving when really, in the end, how much stuff do kids need anyway? Let’s just get it all off the floor and I’ll re-evaluate later.

Hope all of you have a great night. Hug those tickers today! What are some of the positives you focus on?

4 thoughts on “What I Love About Stink – Nurturing the Positives”

  1. So happy to have found your website. I have a soon to be 15 yr old son with TS. We didnt find out that he had it until Fall of 2009. Right smack in the middle of puberty. Before we just thought he was quirky. That’s another story. I hope to read your past entries. The ones I’ve read with the responses I can so relate to them. My son can tell you I was a bit obsessed about all of this. Now I’m glad I can find websites like yours. Stay strong and stay hopeful.

  2. Can you send me a link to best cohesive place about diet? I am working on learning more about TS and accepting that my daughter has it my husband is still wroking on being convinced she does have it. My mother in-law encouraged me to looking more into wheat/ caesin / gluten free information. I found your new blog here and have been clicking through the posts and see it mentioned by you. But wondered where the best listing would be of what not to eat how it’s related to TS ( I know that kind of diet is recommended for people with celiac disease etc but want to know more about how it figures into TS. Thanks so much for a link or two to the best condensed information in one of your past posts. deehoney7 at yahoo dot com

  3. Andrea,
    I am a new reader, and I find it very interesting that my son and Stink have very similar characteristics. (all you positives are my son’s as well) except maybe he does not really adore his younger sibling as much lol! As well my son has tics/TD. I really liked this post. I have banned Wii and DS before as well in the past. My son’s new game of choice in MInecraft and he becomes obsessive too. I think the focus helps soothe him pehaps? Enjoying reading your experience!

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