Acupuncture Update: 3rd Visit Results

We have fallen into a lovely routine already for Stink’s acupuncture visits with Martina.

Thursdays Martina makes a house call. While Stink does his meditations upstairs, Little L and Pipsqueak do homework downstairs.

Tuesdays after school I pick up all three kiddos. Note: This works only when I have not left my wallet in my husband’s truck due to my insane need to pick up roadside treasures and have to drive to his work to get my belongings (ahem, not a great day yesterday.)

We drive home.

We do homework.

We jump on the trampoline. (Well, they do. I have this post – birth bladder that doesn’t do so well with jumping anymore. Ahem, again.)

We eat a healthy snack.

And then drive over to Martina’s Woodland Hills office for his treatment. Looking like a cross between the White House and Cinderella’s castle, I always have a burst of joy walking past the columns into the large checkerboard marble hallways. Between the mirrors and the antique style oil paintings, an internal petite Eloise giggles within my 42 year old, 6’1 body. I momentarily pretend I’m really going home to the Plaza where I will be served tea and chat with a stoic elevator operator.

Sadly, Martina is located on the first floor only (no elevator rides) but the squeals of Little L and Pipsqueak, adorned in princess attire and tiaras are equally lovely. I mean, really, why would you not wear ball gowns to acupuncture?

After all, it helps to pass the time doing addition in the foyer while Stink is being poked with needles. (“Still doesn’t hurt!” he says.)

And it is such a fine, elegant way to assist Martina with her “color therapy”. If you didn’t look closely, you might think those two imps were holding magic wands at his ears, not pulsing tubes of light. (A video will come later next week, hopefully, where Martina will explain exactly what the colors and pulsations are for.)

Thier dresses are cause for celebration which means nothing less than a Taco Tuesday feast at Queen Grandma’s who lives a mile from the acupuncture castle.

Great “Huzzahs!” ensue – and not just that King Papa makes surprise visits occasionally. You see, thus far, Stink seems calmer after his visits with Martina. All tics are not erased, but he seems more focused. He sleeps well on the nights after his royal treatment.

Side Note: It’s interesting that if he starts the session with needles in his hands, and he’s still twitching/shaking his face slightly, Martina will “move the wind down his body” by adding two more needles to the feet.

 If I didn’t see his shaking subside drastically with that “release of wind” I wouldn’t believe it myself.

But then again, like my daughter and Little L, some things don’t have to be understood completely to work. It’s just magical, and I’m okay with that.

* top photo of the New York Plaza hotel

* middle photo of Pip and Little L, taken over the summer. I can picture this same photo in twenty years, but with margaritas in their hands instead. Dear Jesus, let that not be the case in ten years! I will lock them up in the dungeon if so!

* bottom photo: do I really need to explain Stink’s stinky feet?

8 thoughts on “Acupuncture Update: 3rd Visit Results”

  1. Why wouldn’t kids love acupuncture !?
    It is such a “real” sensation, (compared with the virtual sensations of today’s video games).

    It does not hurt, which is always surprising, but comes with a certain thrill.

    And it requires that they remain still for a short time… again, a novelty of sorts!

    Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Your Tuesday routine reminds me a lot of taking Sam to speech therapy. We used to make a lovely night out of it and go to dinner after. Her appointments were in a charming old building in Pasadena and we really enjoyed it!

  3. I have not been aware of whether or not acupuncture will help Tics. It is something I have considered trying, if not for the calming effects or dare I say reducing the severity of the tics, but to reduce the pain associated with some of them. This gives me the encouragement I need to go forward with it. Keep us informed

  4. Both my boys wear those socks too…J is currently in the two stripe and L in the one stripe, Stink is clearly a three striper 🙂 Didn’t mean to miss the point of the blog…I am very interested in the acupuncture results too!

  5. @ John Paul – Thanks for the visit. You are right about how less tv and video is so important – especially for my guy where we really have to set down limits.

    @Jennifer – I can see you getting your nice meal after your therapy. You have such a magic about you. Sam is lucky to have you for a mama. Also, goes to show that we all have similar journeys.

    @ Sally – I will definitely keep you updated. I am anxious to film Martina and then field questions from her on it.

    @Erin – Long time no “see”. Will check out your blog soon!

  6. So glad that this seems to be helping, can’t wait to read more about it. My son is deathly afraid of needles, I don’t know if I could talk him in to this – hopefully that means he’ll never come home with a tattoo. . .

  7. @JCK – Don’t you do acupuncture? Or some kind of LIfe Coaching? I forget. Tell me!

    @ Mom Meets Blog – LOL about the tatoo. Sadly, you know you’re fooling yourself! But I commend the optimism.

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