Taking a Stand: Our Kids Are Worth It

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It’s Day #3 of the teachers strike. This means it’s Day #3 of me not subbing.  Here are my thoughts.

From a Substitute Teacher

I do not like this teachers’ strike
I do not like what Beutner’s like
I do not like the pouring rain
I do not like the money drain

I don’t like subbing without insurance
Until 100 days worked. (Yeah, that’s assurance!)


I do not like the crowded classes
And kids on phones who act like asses
I don’t like pencils thrown at my head
(Sometimes they throw milk cartons instead)

I don’t like kids who curse me out
I don’t like asking them not to shout
I don’t like feeling I’m a babysitter
But I refuse to teach and come home bitter


I’m standing with teachers
I’m taking my chances
That L.A. wakes up
And our culture advances

If we all do not want guns in school
And we want kids who think (not just follow rules)
If we want less bullies
If we want kids to be kind
Then let’s value our teachers
Let’s all walk the line

It’s time to make the class sizes shrink
So kids can grow and laugh and think
We need to make school a beautiful space
Where kids feel heard… where kids feel safe

Let’s bring back the music
Let’s bring back the laughter
Let’s bring back the joy
‘Cause the fact of the matter is

If you cherish our future
And you value our kids
Then do what the teachers
Finally just did

They took a stand
To change the game
Now come on, L.A….
Will you do the same?

Andrea Frazer Paventi
Proud LAUSD Sub 

Pictured: My beautiful peeps at my home school.


Happily Ticked Off: 2019

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This just in! This just in! I am no longer writing about Tourettes. See here.

I am no longer offering services for tic consulting.

I am no longer pushing essential oils for relaxation.

Why? Aren’t they good ideas?

Yes, my dear readers, they are. I believe in them. But you know what I am happiest doing most? WRITING!

And who has a TV pilot contract writing? Me!


And why am I considering getting my Masters in Special Education and teaching? Because I need to live in a fun little place called Reality, and that means my said pilot might not sell. (But honestly, I have a good feeling it will. I really do. If you are the praying type, please pray. If you are the superstitious type, please cross your fingers and don’t step under ladders for the whole month of January and beginning of February.) But…if this pilot doesn’t sell…and I teach… I will get summers and four weeks off a year to do what I love most. What is that? Did you forget? WRITING!


And so with that in mind, bring on 2019. Let’s get Happily Ticked Off together learning how to accept the life we cannot change, change the life we can, and have the wisdom to know the difference.

PS: As a substitute teacher for the LAUSD School District, I’m officially picketing with the teachers for higher pays and better classroom size.

What does that mean? I’m not working this week. What does that mean? I’m… WRITING!


You know what, I refuse to be in a bad mood. Life is too good. I can’t wait to see where this life leads in 2019.

What are your plans for 2019? What are you dying to do? Leave a comment below! I miss you guys!

My book is available on Amazon. (Note: It’s a special ed journey… your kid doesn’t need to have Tourettes to relate!) Follow me on Twitter@AndreaFrazerWrites or on Facebook.