Samstink & Deli-rious

The title is my bad attempt at reframing the Bible story of Samson and Delilah. For those of you who don’t know it, let me give you the quick recount.

Story of Samson and Delilah

1.  Samson is born with the gift of strength

2. Samson is to use his gift for God

3. Samson instead falls head over heels in love with a prostitute

4. Samson reveals to this hoe that his strength lies in his hair

5. While sleeping, said hoe cuts his hair

6. Samson, weak and defenseless, is taken to prison where his eyes are gouged out

7. Samson slowly grows back his hair, along with his strength

8. Other inmates and guards, perhaps due to amazing prison food or cellmate Bible hour, don’t notice his hair getting longer

9. During a pagan ritual, when Samson is marched out to be slaughtered, he puts his hands between two pillar posts and knocks down the temple, killing both himself and the everyone in it

10. The Takeaway: If Samson had just listened to God, instead of that slut, life would have been better.

My Version of Sunday’s events – Samstink & Deli-rious (me being delirious, Samstink being played by yours truly on the bike.)

dom and sophia on bike

1. Samstink is born with the gift of outrageous personality

2. Samstink should be using his gift for God

3. Samstink instead falls head over heels in love with all things Pokemon, BeyBlades, video game and comic book

4. Samstink reveals his passion during Sunday school class and, rather than pay attention, sneaks in a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book during Bible hour. In addition, according to his sister the spy, he talks back incessantly to teachers. Said informant’s testimony is backed up by Samstink’s defiance to parents the whole drive home. (No, we did not get him a do-nut. No, we did not stop at the park. No, we did not get tacos and he would be forced to eat gluten free tuna sandwiches for lunch. Yes, we are awful parents.)

5. Post-church, rather than hang at home and play videos, Mama forces long-haired, moppy Samstink to get a haircut

6. Samstink, moaning and defenseless, cries as the locks are shorn, transforming him from disheveled homeless child to good Christian solider in twenty minutes flat

dom pic

7. Samstink vows to grow his hair back, along with his manners and gratitude

8. Other family members, promising to remind him when he’s being argumentative, defiant and wearing food on his mouth, remind him of how much he is loved

9. During a pagan routine, one that involves Mama sitting at her work desk by 7am an hour from home, gets an email from Samstink’s father. It features a photo of Samstink all ready for school with his new hair and clean clothes

10. The Takeaway: If Samstink had just stopped acting like a defiant turd, his mama would never have had to resort to such evil measures


Samstink, insisting his new hair was goofy, had the final word with his outfit. Because, you know, shiny blue crocs, nylon shorts, a polyester Mario shirt combined with a Scooby Doo hat and rainbow gloves is far more subtle than a haircut.

Mama’s takeaway: Short of dressing the kid herself, this mama is going to have to learn to pick her battles her battles  . dom and sophia post haircut




The Argue Jar

With my full time job and my hubby’s new biz starting, my patience has been strained. Add in a needy pit bull rescue, other family obligations, the kids’ school work, after school classes, and a sputter tic that my darling son has decided sounds best when displayed ten times/minute, I have little room for additional irritations.

On the positive side:

* I am learning to say no

* I have greatly reduced my drinking and upped my exercise

* I have learned to set boundaries

* I have given myself permission to love others but not allow their negativity to affect me

* I have learned the importance of defending my personal space

* I am realizing that I don’t have to explain ANYTHING to ANYONE anymore – not my statements, my kids, my own personal needs

But perhaps the best thing I’ve created for peace despite an insane schedule?

The Argue Jar

Basically, it works like this:

Me: Stink, I need you to take out the trash now

Stink: I was hoping to do it after I finished reading Pokemon and the Case of the Runaway Chicken

Me: Add a dollar to the argue jar

Stink: But I’m at a really good part!

Me: Add another dollar

(Two minutes later)

Me: Pip, it’s time to get ready for dinner

Pip: But I want to bike!

Me: Add a dollar to the argue jar

Pip: (getting the dollar but shuffling her feet) That’s totally unfair!

Me: Add in a quarter for a bad attitude

Last week, I made $11.75

argue jar


With it, I bought this:


Because I often have to turn over my entire paycheck to cover boring essentials like food, shelter and clothing, this really made my day! It relaxed me enough to be able to thank the other people in my life who pitch in to make our little household run. This includes:

My hubby. Thanks, sweetie, for your wonderful dinners!


Thanks, kiddos, for genuinely liking each other after all this time. I’m bracing myself for those tween years when you’ll realize sharing a room is about as uncool as having your mom  hug you in front of class, but for now, I’ll take it!


And thank you, crazy Brooklyn, for reminding me that although you still want to eat other dogs when we walk you, you are a complete and total love bug with us. You are teaching me how to be tough and patient as we socialize you. And for that, of course, take our favorite chair. Let us wrap you in pillows. All 85 pounds of you deserve every last bit of comfort.


Some people have meditation. Some people have exercise. I have the argue jar. And I’m quite grateful.

Until next time, hug that ticker today! And remember, a kid who tics but has personality beats a non-ticking boring kid any day of the week. Focus on the gifts!